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We are ready to help you detect both known and novel RNA with cutting-edge sequencing technologies, profiling non-coding RNA, biofluid RNA, and many more…

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We provide a full range of epitranscriptomics services to investigate RNA modifications including m7G, m3C, m1A, 5mC, 5hmC, m6A, m6Am, acetylation, and 2'-O-methylation.

Non-coding RNA Sequencing

We help you study the ins and outs of ncRNA – to examine their changes in the abundance across samples, detect novel non-coding RNA molecules, and reveal the complex networks of interaction with other DNA/RNA/proteins.

Biofluid Profiling

We can assist you in investigating the levels of RNA molecules in biofluid samples (such as whole blood, serum, plasma, lymph or cerebrospinal fluids, saliva, etc.) using high-throughput sequencing technologies for medical research.

Research Areas

CD Genomics provides technologies and services that meet your research purposes.

Our RNA Sequencing Service Workflow

Sample Preparation

Sample Preparation

Careful processing of the samples ensures the fidelity of data.

Library Construction

Library Construction

A variety of adapted high-quality kits for library construction.



Next-generation sequencing and third generation sequencing platforms.

Bioinformatics Analysis

Bioinformatics Analysis

Detailed bioinformatics analysis provides high-value data.

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of the groundbreaking RNA sequencing technologies…

About Us

CD Genomics is an advanced biotech company with years of expertise in high-throughput sequencing technologies and transcriptomics bioinformatics. We offer our global customers integrative and flexible RNA sequencing solutions with greater speed and precision, not merely for mRNA, non-coding RNA, RNA modifications, and RNA interactions. Through years of experience in sample optimization and services management, CD Genomics has successfully collaborated with many pharmaceutical companies and institutions, fueling pathbreaking advancements in both academic and clinical research with disease genesis, drug development, and biomarker identification.

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