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A biological fluid can be excreted (such as sweat or urine), secreted (such as bile or milk), obtained with a needle (such as blood or cerebrospinal fluid), or develop as a pathological result (such as blister or cyst fluid). With advantages of safety, cost-efficiency and non-invasion, biofluids show high potential for monitoring health and disease, with great translational values, and unparalleled opportunities for clinical practice. Biofluids are an ideal source of material for the development of predictive or prognostic biomarkers or companion diagnostics using next-generation sequencing (NGS)-based assays. Biofluid profiling using RNA-seq can analyze and quantify RNA molecules in biofluid samples and enable biomarker discovery and development.

We provide a full range of biofluid profiling services to investigate the levels of RNA molecules in biofluid samples (such as whole blood, serum, plasma, lymph or cerebrospinal fluids, saliva, and sweat ) using high-throughput sequencing technologies for medical research. Our service is only for research use only, not for diagnostic procedures.


Service Portfolio

Explore how biofluid profiling using NGS helps researchers understand RNA dynamics and interactions in biofluids.

Biofluid microRNA Sequencing

Biofluid microRNA sequencing comprehensively analyzes all microRNAs in the biofluid sample using a library size selection (15 - 30 nt) approach. Our service supports the development of non-invasive biomarkers.

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Exosomal microRNA Sequencing

Our exosomal microRNA sequencing examines monitor global microRNA expression at an affordable price, enabling the identification of biomarkers associated with diseases like cancer.

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Biofluid Small RNA-Seq

Biofluid small RNA sequencing provides quantitative analysis of small RNA expression in biofluids under specific conditions and enables the detection and discovery of biomarkers.

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Exosomal Small RNA-Seq

Exosomal small RNA sequencing is a powerful tool for analyzing small RNAs including miRNAs, piRNAs and siRNAs, offering both quantitative and qualitative information.

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Cell-free RNA-Seq

Cell-free RNA (cfRNA) sequencing isolates cell-free RNA derived from plasma or other biofluids, generates high-quality, stranded libraries, and delivers comprehensive and accurate data.

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Exosomal lncRNA-Seq

Exosomal lncRNA sequencing examines global lncRNAs in exosomes. As exosomal lncRNAs are involved with tumorigenesis, tumor angiogenesis, and chemoresistance, this service can detect promising biomarkers for cancer.

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Exosomal RNA-Seq

Exosomal RNA-seq can be used for biomarker profiling and discovery, or addressing other research problems. This method covers all forms of RNAs in exosomes and delivers comprehensive data.

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Exosomal Long RNA-Seq

Exosomal long RNA-seq analyzes mRNAs, long non-coding RNAs, and circular RNAs in the sample, enabling alternative splicing analysis and detection of novel transcripts, and gene fusion events.

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Exosomal circRNA Sequencing

Exosomal cicrRNA-Seq can quickly and efficiently obtain global information on exosomal circRNAs. Our single-base resolution technology allows the detection of circRNAs from very small amounts of cellular material.

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Exosomal mRNA Sequencing

Exosomal mRNA sequencing service can not only help you to profile exosomal mRNA with regard to the expression levels and dynamics but also understand the physiological roles, with or without knowledge of priori sequences.

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Circulating Cell-Free miRNA Sequencing

By combining high-quality miRNA extraction, comprehensive expression analysis, disease biomarker correlation, and UMIs, our Circulating miRNAs Sequencing service ensures reliable and accurate profiling of cell-free miRNAs.

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Application Fields

  • Cancer transcriptomics
  • Population genetics
  • Pharmacogenomics applications
  • Agricultural applications

Sequencing Platforms

  • Illumian HiSeq 2500 / HiSeq 4000 / HiSeq X Ten / NovaSeq 6000 / NextSeq 500 / MiSeq
  • PacBio RS II / Sequel
  • Nanopore PromethION
  • 10X Genomics


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* For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

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