RNA Sequencing Solution for Virus Identification

The genetic material of RNA viruses is ribonucleic acid, the nucleic acid is usually single-stranded (ssRNA) and some viruses possess double-stranded RNA (dsRNA). Most plant viruses are RNA viruses, and there are also a large number of RNA viruses that can cause illness in humans and/or animals, such as AIDS virus, hepatitis C virus, influenza virus, rhinovirus, coronavirus, etc. Compared with DNA viruses, RNA viruses are more likely to cause diseases, more deadly to the host, and more likely to mutate. Therefore, RNA sequencing is essential for virus identification, fundamental research, as well as vaccine and drug development.

Accelerate Research and Practice in Virus Identification

Based on magnetic bead enrichment and high-throughput sequencing, CD Genomics provides a complete solution for RNA virus identification. Our one-stop service can help you get high-quality purified viral nucleic acids from a variety of research sample types, and use illumina next generation sequencing, PacBio sequencing, or Nanopore direct RNA sequencing to generate accurate sequencing results. We can offer customized bioinformatics analysis and deliver detailed reports to support your research.

Our advantages
Abundance of sample handling experience
Enrichment and extraction of low-abundance viruses
Multiple sequencing platforms to choose from
High accuracy of sequencing results
Comprehensive bioinformatics analysis and customized analysis

The issue that can be addressed with our RNA sequencing services (practical applications)
Virus identification and new virus discovery
Virus mutation research
Infectious Disease Research
Vaccine and drug development
Viral vector research
Prevention and treatment of plant diseases caused by viruses

Note: Our services are for research use only, not for disease diagnosis and treatment.

What can we do?

Sequencing targets: all RNA viruses, covering 5 orders and 47 families
Data delivery: identification, quantitation, evolution and function analysis, and other bioinformatics analyses

Service Workflow

Service Workflow

Sequencing Platforms

Illumina NextSeq/HiSeq/NovaSeq PacBio RS IL / Sequel Nanopore
Virus gene discovery
Virus gene expression
Splice variation
Virus gene expression
Virus transcript structures
Virus gene discovery
Splicing / alternative splicing
Transcription initiation
RNA cleavage / adenylation
Virus gene expression
Virus transcript structures
Virus gene discovery
Splicing / alternative splicing
Transcription initiation
RNA cleavage / adenylation
RNA modification

Bioinformatics Analysis Contents

Read QC Filtering, trimming, optional error correction if possible
Transcriptome Assembly Mapping to known transcriptomes; de novo assembly and annotation to protein database; outcome evaluation; Transcript and isoform quantification
Functional Profiling GO, DAVID, KEGG, TrEMBL, Pfam, InterPro, SignalP, Blast2GO; Molecular functions or pathways in which differentially expressed genes
Advanced Analysis Detection of eQTL/sQTL, Chromatin, TF binding, Proteomics/metabolomics; Analysis of integration with other technologies

Comprehensive Solutions to Accelerate Your Virus Research

CD Genomics has a professional technical team and bioinformatics analysis team, as well as more than ten years of project experience in the sequencing field. We have optimized to a mature technical route, providing accurate and reliable data and high-quality results that meet your requirements. We are committed to providing efficient, cost-effective, and satisfying sequencing services to help your research in virus-related fields.

* For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

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