RNA Sequencing Solution for Microbiology

High-throughput RNA sequencing can obtain a large amount of transcript sequence information, covering a large amount of coding and non-coding RNAs. The value of RNA sequencing in microbiological research includes microbial identification, microbial resistance analysis, microbial diversity analysis, microbial gene expression analysis and more. Through the analysis of genome sequence splicing annotation, functional gene analysis, and gene transcription differential expression, microbial RNA sequencing and analysis can be widely used in research in many fields such as human health, plant-microbe interaction, animal-microbe interaction, ecological environment, fermentation, drug research and development.

Accelerate Research and Practice in Microbiology

CD Genomics offers a complete solution for microbial RNA sequencing. Our one-stop service starts from assisting in design, to conducting experiments and finally submitting satisfactory reports. We have multiple sequencing platforms to address your research needs, including Illumina next-generation sequencing, PacBio SMRT, Nanopore sequencing, and single-cell sequencing. We can also provide customized bioinformatics analysis and provide detailed reports.

CD Genomics can support all aspects of your research, including but not limited to microbial identification (bacteria, fungi, viruses, etc.), transcriptome research, microbial gene regulation, and drug resistance research. Our thoughtful and meticulous service can help your research discovery and research achievement transformation in many fields.

Our advantages
Flexible to various of research fields
Enrichment and extraction of low-abundance targets
Multiple sequencing platforms to choose from
High accuracy of sequencing results
Comprehensive bioinformatics analysis and customized analysis

The issue that can be addressed with our microbial RNA sequencing services
Fundamental research of microbiology
Human disease and health research
Research on the Interaction of plants and microorganisms
Research on the interaction between animals and microorganisms
Ecology and environmental research
Industrial fermentation
Drug research and development

Note: Our services are for research use only, not for disease diagnosis and treatment.

What can we do?

Sample requirement: a. animal tissues, plant tissues, or environmental samples: fresh samples, sample amount ≥ 2 g. (note: after sampling, quick-freeze in liquid nitrogen and store at -80°C. Use dry ice for transportation when sending samples).

b. Total RNA: concentration ≥ 250 ng/μl, amount ≥ 50 μg; OD260/280=1.8-2.2, OD260/230 ≥ 2.0. 28S:18S > 1.5; RIN > 8.0; and ensure that the RNA is not degraded and without pollution; or provide mRNA with concentration ≥ 50 ng/μl and total amount > 1 μg

Data delivery: identification, quantitation, evolution and function analysis, and other bioinformatics analyses

Service Workflow

Service Workflow

Sequencing Platforms

Illumina NextSeq/HiSeq/NovaSeq 10x Genomics Single-Cell Sequencing PacBio RS IL / Sequel Nanopore
Microbial gene discovery
Microbial gene expression
Splice variation
Single-cell microbial gene discovery
Single-cell microbial gene expression
Single-cell genetic structure
Microbial gene expression
Microbial transcript structures
Microbial gene discovery
Splicing / alternative splicing
Transcription initiation
RNA cleavage / adenylation
Microbial gene expression
Microbial transcript structures
Microbial gene discovery
Splicing / alternative splicing
Transcription initiation
RNA cleavage / adenylation
RNA modification

Bioinformatics Analysis Contents

Read QC Raw data sorting, filtering and quality assessment
Transcriptome Assembly Mapping to known transcriptomes; de novo assembly and annotation to protein database; outcome evaluation; Transcript and isoform quantification
Functional Profiling Function annotation
Functional cluster analysis (KOG, GO)
Metabolic pathway analysis (KEGG pathway)
Differential expression analysis
Cluster analysis of differential expression (heat map)
Differential expression enrichment analysis
SNP identification
Variable shear analysis
Novel transcript analysis
Advanced Analysis Detection of eQTL/sQTL
TF binding
Analysis of integration with other technologies

Comprehensive Solutions to Accelerate Your Microbiology Research

CD Genomics has a professional technical team and bioinformatics analysis team, as well as more than ten years of project experience in the sequencing field. We have optimized to a mature technical route, providing accurate and reliable data and high-quality results that meet your requirements. We are committed to providing efficient, cost-effective, and satisfying sequencing services to help your research in microbiology.

* For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

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