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RNA Mass Spectrometry is one of the most powerful tools used in identifying protein-complex constituents, post-translational modifications, and protein population surveys in disease models and in different organelles. CD Genomics provides various RNA mass spectrometry services of broad range of research areas for universities, institutions, and pharmaceutical companies around the world.
Whether you are interested in gaining insight into the molecular mechanisms of health and disease, or in developmental time points, CD Genomics is committed to providing you high-quality results that meet your budget and deadline with the use of the latest mass spectrometer and mass spectrographs released in the market.

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Explore how our RNA Mass Spectrometry services help researchers profile RNA and explore their pathways.

M6A RNA Methylation Analysis by MS

CD Genomics provides the most common form of mRNA modification under the field of RNA epigenetics, the M6A RNA Methylation Analysis, using Mass Spectrometry.

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tRNA Modification Analysis by MS

CD Genomics offers rapid identification of the structures and sites of tRNA modifications through tRNA Sequencing and RNA Mass Spectrometry.

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Encoding Activity Analysis of IncRNA & circRNA

CD Genomics offers services on encoding activity analysis of long non-coding RNA (IncRNA) and circular RNA (circRNA) which are both emerging class of RNA molecules that have been linked to human diseases, as well as to important regulatory pathway.

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MS Analysis of RNA Pull Down

CD Genomics offers high quality RNA pull down assay and its analysis using mass spectrometry.

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CD Genomics provides the novel technique for studying endogenous ribonucleoprotein complexes and considered robust across a wide range of expression level, the Comprehensive Identification of RNA-binding proteins by mass spectrometry.

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mRNA Interactome Capture

CD Genomics offers mRNA Interactome Capture service which is a novel and unbiased technique in identifying active RNA-binding proteins of cultured cells.

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mRNA Modification Analysis by MS

CD Genomics offers high standard of mRNA Modification Analysis using Mass Spectrometry.

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CD Genomics provides service on RNA antisense purification coupled with mass spectrometry which is a method that enables the identification of direct, as well as specific protein interaction partners of a specific RNA molecule.

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RNA Mass Spectrometry Services

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Committed to Providing High-Quality Results Team of Experienced and Expert Scientists Customer Oriented Takes Challenges
CD Genomics is not only focused on providing various sequencing methods to cover the broad range of researches but also committed to yield high-quality results with the use of the latest technologies released in the market. CD Genomics is composed of experienced and expert scientists who ensures the yield of high quality and accurate results for the researches of our dear customers. CD Genomics listens to its customers, from suggestions and requests to feedbacks upon receiving the results. We truly value our customers providing beyond expected service quality while considering their budget and deadline. CD Genomics is leaned towards upgrades and improvements, thus accepting complicated and challenging samples.

CD Genomics is a genomic company that provides comprehensive genomic sequencing services for researchers around the globe. We are dedicated to helping you find the most appropriate sequencing method for your researches with the use of the latest technologies released in the market. We are committed to giving you high-quality results that both meet your budget and your deadline.

* For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

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