Transcriptional Start Site (TSS) Analysis

Transcriptional Start Site (TSS) selection influences transcriptional stability and diversity in development and disease. CD Genomics offers cutting-edge capture-based sequencing solutions for comprehensive genome-wide TSS analysis.


Gene expression is primarily regulated through transcriptional processes, where cis-acting promoters interact with the transcription machinery. The Transcription Start Site (TSS) marks the location of the first base where a gene is transcribed from DNA into RNA. Different TSS locations result in genes with distinct 5'UTRs, impacting their regulation. Most genes have multiple TSSs, and identifying mRNA TSSs is crucial for understanding gene regulation.

Advances in sequencing technology have made genetic data-dependent TSS prediction more accessible, but accuracy and refinement are needed. Different TSSs may be chosen based on environmental factors, even within the same species and gene, leading to varied transcription start site shapes. Accurate transcription initiation is essential for proper gene expression, and dysregulation can contribute to various human diseases, including breast cancer, diabetes, kidney failure, and Alzheimer's disease.


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Explore how we efficiently, rapidly, and accurately identify genome-wide transcription start sites (TSS) through sequencing.


CAGE-seq (cap analysis of gene expression-sequencing) allows for the genome-wide identification of transcription start sites and determination of the mRNA's originating promoter. This technique involves large-scale sequencing and tagging of the 5' end of cDNAs.

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Cappable-seq directly modifies and characterizes triphosphorylated RNA from primary transcripts. It provides global transcription start site (TSS) identification with single-base resolution and is compatible with various sequencing platforms, including NGS and long-read sequencing.

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Utilizing short artificial RNA tags, tagRNA-seq distinguishes between primary and processed transcripts. It offers a detailed view of the bacterial RNA landscape, including TSS, PSS, and asRNA.

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PacBio Iso-Seq

PacBio Iso-Seq technology provides unique long-read capability for sequencing large amplicons and whole transcripts with extraordinary precision to identify changes in transcription start sites (TSS) associated with critical traits.

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