Metatranscriptomics Service

Using the latest sequencing technologies and bioinformatic tools, our Metatranscriptomics service enables you to study microbial community dynamics, from soil and water to the human gut microbiome, from identifying active members of a community to characterizing microbial responses to environmental stressors.

Overview of Metatranscriptomics

The past few decades have seen significant advancements in sequencing technologies that have transformed how we conduct biological experiments, particularly when it comes to the study of complex microbiomes. Metatranscriptomics is a method to obtain deeper insights into how a microbial community responds over time to its changing environmental conditions. Often, RNA (cDNA) and DNA from the same community will be jointly extracted and sequenced in parallel, allowing for more flexible and accurate analyses later on. In terms of applications, Metatranscriptomics has been used to characterize active microbes in a community, discover novel microbial interactions, detect regulatory antisense RNA, track the expression of genes and determine the relationship between viruses and their host.

Metatranscriptomics ServiceFig1 Metatranscriptomics laboratory protocols, sequencing, and analysis. (Zhang, 2021)


Wide Range of Samples Facilitate Cross-group Analysis Comprehensive Annotation
Metatranscriptomics has been applied to a number of different types of samples. In profiling the transcriptome of natural communities, without the isolation and cultivation of microbes. From Metagenomics to Metatranscriptomics, it analyzed microbiome from multiple angles. We use the latest version of database to more accurately annotate and analyze of the microbial community.

Project Workflow

Sample Preparation

1. Sample Preparation

Library Preparation

2. Library Preparation


3. Sequencing

Data Analysis

4. Data Analysis & Delivery

Data analysis

Sample Requirements

RNA sample quantity ≥ 5 μg. A260/280 ≥ 1.8, 28S:18S ≥ 1.5, RIN ≥ 7.

Deliverable: FastQ, BAM, coverage summary, QC report, taxonomic analysis, gene functional annotation, functional comparison, custom bioinformatics analysis.


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