RNA Sequencing Solution for Drug Research and Development

The discovery and development of new drugs is a multidisciplinary and systematic effort. High-throughput sequencing technologies have greatly facilitated the discovery of biomarkers and drug targets in many diseases. RNA sequencing-based transcriptome studies can demonstrate the function and structure of genes at a holistic level and reveal the molecular mechanisms of disease-specific biological processes, as well as investigate the spatiotemporal gene expression in specific tissues or cells. High-throughput RNA sequencing, with its high throughput, high resolution, high sensitivity and low cost, is increasingly used for drug screening and drug mechanism studies.

Accelerate Research and Practice in Drug Research & Development

RNA-Seq can be used to identify gene structure and function at a transcriptome level. it is a powerful tool for detecting differentially expressed alleles of transcripts in specific biological processes and can reveal novel molecular mechanisms of diseases. RNA-Seq can also identify key genes and pathways associated with disease, leading to the discovery of potential therapeutic targets and aiding in finding potential drugs. RNA-seq can also be used to detect drug-induced changes in genome-wide gene expression as well as identify genes associated with drug resistance (such as in chemotherapy). Compare with conventional RNA-Seq, scRNA-seq has higher accuracy and efficiency, and the analysis of gene expression patterns at the single-cell level tends to provide more information for drug and biomarker discovery. Therefore scRNA-seq is becoming a highly valuable tool for drug research and development.

Based on our high-throughput sequencing platforms, CD Genomics provides complete RNA sequencing solutions for drug development and research. Our one-stop service can help you purify high-quality nucleic acids from a variety of research sample types, and use illumina next-generation sequencing, 10x Genomics single-cell sequencing, PacBio sequencing, and Nanopore direct RNA sequencing to provide accurate sequencing results. And we can help you decode genomic information for drug discovery with our bioinformatics analysis services.

Our advantages
An abundance of sample handling experience
Multiple sequencing platforms to choose from
High accuracy of sequencing results
Comprehensive bioinformatics analysis and customized analysis
Long-term cooperation with bioindustry clients

The issues that can be addressed with our RNA sequencing services
Discovery of the molecular mechanism in diseases
Identification of drug-target genes and drug re-purpose
Identification of Genes Involved in the Drug Resistance and Sensitivity
Drug resistance research
Toxicity profiling with transcript analysis
Development of RNA therapeutics

Note: Our services are for research use only, not for disease diagnosis and treatment.

What can we do?

Sequencing targets: mRNA, tRNA, miRNAs, piRNA, snoRNA, IncRNA, circRNA
Sample types: various sample types such as urine, saliva, serum or blood, and tissues
Data delivery: identification, quantitation, differential expression analysis, and other bioinformatics analyses

Service Workflow

Service Workflow

Sequencing Platforms

Illumina NextSeq/HiSeq/NovaSeq 10x Genomics Single-Cell Sequencing PacBio RS IL / Sequel Nanopore
Identification of potential drug target genes
Detecting differentially expressed alleles of transcripts
Splice variation
Single-cell drug target gene discovery
Single-cell gene expression
Single-cell genetic structure
Gene expression
Transcript structures
Drug target gene discovery
Splicing / alternative splicing
Transcription initiation
RNA cleavage / adenylation
Gene expression
Transcript structures
Drug target gene discovery
Splicing / alternative splicing
Transcription initiation
RNA cleavage / adenylation
RNA modification

Drug Research & Development with RNA-Seq

Drug target identification and validation Drug target identification and prioritization based on gene-disease associations; target druggability predictions; identification of alternative targets (splice variants).
Drug sensitivity analysis Conduct gene polymorphism and expression profile analysis to explore the impact of gene polymorphism on drug sensitivity and provide a basis for individualized medical treatment.
Differential transcript expression analysis Analysis of the functions of differentially expressed transcripts and discovery of pharmacological mechanisms of action.
Other advanced Analysis In-depth and advanced analyses: Gene fusion analysis, single nucleotide variant analysis, ncRNA-gene interaction network.

Comprehensive Solutions to Accelerate Drug Research & Development

CD Genomics has a professional technical team and bio-analysis team, and has more than ten years of project experience in the sequencing field. We have a mature technical route, provide accurate and reliable data and deliver results that meet your requirements. We are committed to providing efficient, cost-effective, and high-quality sequencing services for drug research and development.

* For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

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